Gulf Mach 105

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MACH 105 is a 105 octane unleaded racing fuel for street class racers. It features a tight distillation range and fast flame front that produces more effective throttle response and features lead-replacement additives that offer resistance to detonation. The performance of MACH 105 is best when used with supercharged or turbocharged engines.
As MACH 105 is made with lead replacement additives therefore it can be used in engines designed originally for leaded fuels.
MACH 105 contains no ethanol and has better lubricity than other leaded racing fuels. It will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. As with any gasoline, MACH 105 should be stored in an opaque tightly sealed containers where temperatures and conditions are stable. If properly stored the shelf life of MACH 105 is 2 years.

Applications:Snowmobiles Road Course Rally, Off-road Motorcycle and ATV Off-road Muscle Cars and Vintage Cars Motorcycle Road Course Miscellaneous Nitrous, Superchargers, Turbochargers Drag
Boats and Personal Watercraft.


Typical Properties:
R+M/2  105
RVP  6.3
Oxygen Vol%  0
Specific Gravity  0.75
Color Clear

% Evaporated: